About Us | Toyota, is a driving style.

Toyota Libya F.Z.C. is wholly owned by a Japanese Company named Sumitomo Corporation, and it’s the sole and exclusive distributor of Toyota Products for State of Libya, authorized by Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan.

Toyota Libya’s operation commenced on 4th January 2010 in Misurata Free Zone, to pursue providing high quality products and after sales services in Libya. Our operation facilities include a Pre-Delivery Inspection Center, Spare Parts Warehouse and Technical Training Center at our Head Office based in Misurata Free Zone.

Our authorized dealer network with the full 3S functions (Showroom “Sales”, “Spare parts” & “Services”) has developed throughout Libya, and will continue to cover all major cities for Toyota users’ convenience and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Currently, five authorized dealers proudly serve Toyota customers in Tripoli, Benghazi and Misurata.

Although we’ve kept aiming to contribute to the Libyan society ever since the start of the operation, realization of our goal was slowed by the consequential disorder following the Revolution in 2011.
Now, being together at the start of rebuilding new Libya, we, Toyota Libya, passionately wish to realize our social commitment.

Our Company’s Philosophy is as follows:

  1. Being one of the Libyan Social Components;
  2. Toyota Libya shall go forward with Libyan Community;
  3. Contribute to rebuild New Libya; and
  4. Work together for further Development of the Country.

In November, 2012, Toyota Libya launched and sponsored the “Discover Your Talent Program”, and it aims to:

  1. Provide technical training courses for young Libyan graduates from high technical institutes and colleges throughout Libya.
  2. Present trainees the opportunity to acquire basic technical expertise and automotive maintenance skills in accordance with Toyota standards, and furthermore, they are provided with fundamental knowledge for English language, computer administration and reporting.

This will be our contribution for Libyan youths to broaden their career opportunities. The program, together with the trainees and graduates, will continuously grow, and keep on recruiting more young Libyans who will aspire to build New Libya.

It is our wish that many Libyan customers visit our authorized dealers to personally feel and experience high quality “Toyota Standard” products and services, and it would bring us great happiness if you enjoy “WAKU DOKI” products and driving pleasure.

We, Toyota Libya, hope to contribute for the motorization of Libya. It is our belief that our high quality products, highest standard of service and dedication to customer satisfaction, will be key to achieving this goal, and enable us to maintain a treasured bond with our valued customers.



To lead the Libyan automotive market by setting trends and exceeding expectations through the improvement of our operation and business ethics along with continuous innovation to spread prosperity and confidence

To achieve our Mission we

  • Conduct ourselves with the highest standards of Professional ethics, honesty & integrity.
  • Provide the highest quality products and services to realize ultimate customers’ satisfaction in all areas of our operation.
  • Build, operate and maintain the finest network of Authorized Dealers.
  • Create and promote an environment of team work and mutual respect among our team members.
  • Respect and collaborate with the local communities.