Dealership application

Dealership Application

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Toyota Libya F.Z.C Dealership Application

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* Note: The Minimum land size is 4,500 sq meters and owned either by Proposed Dealer Operating Company orby Applicant (Dealer Principal)
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* Minimum working capital including facility preparation is 14,000,000.00 LYD (Fourteen Million Libyan Dinar).

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I hereby confirm that the information provided by me to be true and I understand that Toyota Libya F.Z.C.
will use it for its internal evaluation purposes and also for sharing with Toyota affiliates as deemed necessary by
Toyota Libya F.Z.C.
I also do confirm and declare that submitting my dealer's application does not by any means expressly indicate,
imply, or guarantee or to be construed as commitment from Toyota Libya side for my appointment as an
authorized Toyota Libya F.Z.C dealer.
Moreover, I undertake not to proceed in any legal or civil dispute in case of the refusal of my application.
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