Services | Toyota, is a driving style.

Toyota Libya aims to improve customer convenience.

Clearly differentiating authorized Toyota Dealers from the grey-market by providing: 

  • Genuine Toyota spare parts.
  • Official Warranty.
  • High quality Service.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Short lead-time maintenance through advanced Toyota standard quality management.

Toyota Libya Dealers’ Service Centres are equipped with state of the art workshop equipment, special tools and test equipment necessary for the complete inspection and repair of all models of Toyota vehicles.



Warranty is the contract of trust between the customer and the manufacturer, which means it is the guarantee of product quality.
This contract entitles the Customer to a free repair for problems that arise within the warranty policies and period.

Toyota is responsible for problems caused by faults in material or workmanship within the specific warranty policies and period.

Toyota offers 3 years or (100,000Km), whichever comes first. warranty in Libya with all new vehicles purchased through Toyota Libya.


Peace of Mind, We offer

It is important to listen to your vehicle and deal with all vehicle maintenance problems immediately. However, the best way to ensure trouble-free driving for years and years to come is to develop a habit of regularly visiting our authorised Toyota workshops for periodic maintenance.

Servicing your Toyota at a Toyota Service Centre is also a way to hold and improve the vehicle’s resell value.

Also a full Toyota service history will result in confidence and peace of mind.

Scheduled Maintenance:


Genuine Spare Parts

Genuine Spare

  • Toyota Genuine parts are specially manufactured for your model year Toyota.
  • The exclusive use of Toyota Genuine Parts for servicing and repairing your Toyota is intensely recommended, the parts mentioned are built to the highest standards of quality and performance, and they are also designed to fit your Toyota’s exact specifications.
  • The above information is also true for oil and other fluids.
  • The benefit of this obsession with quality is observed when you drive your Toyota for the first time and every time thereafter.

Toyota Care

The Reason to Change…

The reason behind replacing the spare parts periodically is usually based around your safety, the vehicle’s performance and Toyota quality.

Toyota Care
Toyota Care