Wave of New Models

February 25, 2023

Today, Toyota Libya revealed four completely new models of its cars, for the first time in the Libyan market, which are:

Corolla Cross / Belta / Rumion / Urban Cruiser

Below is a brief summary of each car

Corolla Cross

If you are brave, then you must own Corolla Cross.

The Corolla Cross, in its all-new C-SUV, comes in a form that combines the stability of a sedan with the power of an SUV on the roads.

A car characterized by a wonderful and elegant exterior design and interior features equipped with the latest technology with the highest level of professionalism and perfection, available in its two categories: SFX00 and SFX01

Warranty of three years or 100,000 km, whichever comes first.

Toyota Belta

The Toyota Belta belongs to the sedan car category, and the car comes in two categories: the XA HIGH and the GA LAW.

 The car has a streamlined shape, thanks to its technology and features that compete with other cars of its class in the market, in addition to its high reliability, distinctive design, and powerful engine.

Toyota Rumion

A car that strikes the perfect balance between plenty of space for a good time and smooth driving around town or on the highway for a weekend getaway with family and friends.

 The car is a new contender in the category of 7-seater family cars, and it is the family car in the first place, with an interior space suitable for large families.

Although it is a family car, it is equipped with the capabilities of modern technology in harmony with the bold exterior design.

Toyota Urban Cruiser

It is the latest car in the SUV category, and it has a very distinctive and wonderful design with high capabilities, carrying all the means of safety, security and modern technologies.

Considering that Belta / Rumion and Urban Cruiser are completely new models in the Libyan market

These three categories come with a longer warranty of five years or 150,000 km, whichever comes first.